ASDA (Gillingham) donate toiletries, notepads and pens for FOGM’s ‘Leavers Bags’!

ASDA Gillingham recently donated a selection of toiletries, notepads and water bottles to FOGM for the ‘Leavers Bags’ project.  This FOGM project offers any man leaving Guys Marsh a backpack with enough items such as toothpaste, shower gel, a pen, torch and so on to set them up for their first few weeks on release.  Often men are released to hostels with nothing apart from the clothes they are wearing.  Many of those leaving the prison have no home to go to and seek sheltered accommodation, but some of them may end up sleeping rough.  The Leaver’s Bags are a way to get them started, give them something new and offer them some positive help in building their self-esteem.  FOGM Chair, Giles Fearn, recently collected the ASDA donations ready to pack the next batch of ‘Leaver’s Bags’.

“We’re very grateful to ASDA for this great support to a really valuable project that has a direct impact upon how the men face their future on release” said the FOGM Chair.

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